August 13th, 2021 meeting

DATE:August 13th, 2021
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PDT)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
RSVP Required – register at Zoom
TOPIC:The Role of Physical Security in Cyber Security
PRESENTER: Gerry Sieracki (CISSP, Director of Public Relations (ISC)² San Diego Chapter, TLO, ILO)
RECORDING: Link to recorded presentation


When people think of Cyber Security the first thing most people think of are items like ransomware, patching, vulnerabilities, and hacking. Often overlooked is the most basic, fundamental level of protection, physical. In today’s world we can no longer separate the requirements for physical and cyber security. They are both reliant on one another and you cannot have one without the other. This presentation will cover some thoughts on Physical Security, how it relates to Cyber Security, and some lived through examples of incidents I’ve encountered on the job. The goal is to spark some thought and conversation on Physical Security and how it relates to Cyber Security.


Gerry is a seasoned IT veteran with almost 25 years of progressively responsible work in IT. He currently works as a Network Administrator in the Critical Infrastructure Water Sector focusing on networking and cybersecurity. He has been the Project Lead for several major networking (LAN/WAN) and infrastructure upgrades. Gerry works closely with external agencies such as the FBI, DHS and the SD-LECC on cybersecurity issues.

Gerry earned his CISSP in May 2015. He is a member of Infragard, MS-ISAC (Multi State Information Sharing and Analysis Center), a TLO (Terror Liaison Officer), an ILO (Infrastructure Liaison Officer), and member of the Cyberhood Watch Water and Power Sector – Los Angeles/San Diego. Gerry is trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and has additional training on physical security for Critical Infrastructure.