Monthly Meetings

Meetings are typically held monthly in the afternoon of the second Friday of each month, except during the summer. The meetings consist of one to two formal presentations, with time for discussion and networking. There is often an informal get-together over food and drinks after each meeting.

Meetings are announced by email sent to members who have joined our email distribution list. We also try to announce events on this website under the “Events” section, but being a volunteer group, we sometimes forget. (Sorry!)

Slack Workspace

We have a Slack Workspace where members can communicate with one another, and also contact our executive. To join our Slack Workspace, please attend one of our monthly meetings, and speak to one of our executives who will add you to this Slack Workspace and/or our meeting announcement distribution list.

Discussion Mailing List

There is also a mailing list for those that prefer to use email rather than Slack. This low volumne list is for the discussion of topics related to information security and the activities of the SecSIG. This mailing list is NOT the list for membership or the meeting announcements. You can register for this list at

Contact Us Directly

You can contact us directly by sending an email to “questions – AT –”.