April 14th, 2023 meeting

DATE:April 14th, 2023
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
TOPIC:Serverless Security Best Practices
PRESENTER: Mihir Pathare & Colin Igbokwe


In this session we will explore how to think about security from the front to the back of a typical serverless application on AWS cloud. How do you configure AWS serverless services to provide least-privileged access while ensuring functionality? How should you think about managing IAM policies for your AWS Lambda functions? We cover all this and more, leaving you with concrete examples applicable to almost any workload.


Mihir Pathare is an AWS Solutions Architect based in Vancouver. He is passionate about helping customers solve their business problems, and progress through their cloud journey. With a background in cyber-security, Mihir focuses on enabling customers to build highly secure and compliant workloads in the cloud. Outside work, he enjoys music, hiking and wildlife photography.

Colin Igbokwe is a Sr. Security Solution Architect with the AMER commercial team at AWS. He has been working with AWS technology for more than three years and has a background in Offensive Security and DevSecOps. Enjoys chess and biking whenever possible.