August 11th, 2023 meeting

DATE:June 9th, 2023
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Virtual Meeting, Zoom registration link
TOPIC:FEARLESS – Why the business does not think cybersecurity is a problem


Every day, our newsfeed is cluttered with news of ransomware, data exfiltration, stolen crypto, phishing, supplier attacks, and even DDoS. To us, there is no doubt that the cyber landscape is fraught with dangers. The organizations we are working so hard to secure are always only a hair away from becoming the next headline. As technology and security professionals, we know this. But what about the business? Are they just as aware of the threats? Are they prioritizing the organizations’ resources to fight cybercrime? If the answer is “No” to either of these questions, they are probably naive to the risk they face, and think that bad things can only happen to others, right? Certainly, they are negligent in their duties, and could care less about their organizations’ proprietary information, their customers’ PII, and their third parties’ information? Or are they simply arriving at the wrong conclusion despite having done their utmost due diligence?

In this session, we will consider the different frames of mind and explore potential solutions to correct the business’ view that cybersecurity deserves some, but not more attention. We will discuss how to steer them with effective operational and risk management approaches so they are just as vigilant as we are.


Elson Kung is the founder and consultant of Cactimo. He has hands-on and leadership experience in operational risk management, guiding businesses to implement effective controls to reduce a diverse array of risks including cyber security, third party, data privacy, financial reporting, regulatory compliance, resilience, and fraud. For over 25 years, he has worked in IT, various functions in the business, and the front-line of a company with $128 billion of assets and $2.5 billion of income in 2022.

A former president of ISACA Vancouver Chapter, he now serves on the board of BCG Counselling Group, the Provincial Security Advisory Council of BC, and is a Toastmasters area director. He also volunteers, runs, hikes and bikes.