February 10th, 2023 meeting

DATE:February 10th, 2023
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
TOPIC:Trusted Protector of what matters most: Identities, Access & Privilege +  2023 Cyber Security Trends
PRESENTER: Dan Deganutti (SVP and Canada Country Manager, BeyondTrust)


In this talk we will review the Top Trends/Predictions for 2023 (BeyondTrust edition) and focus in on a few in particular and how they relate to PAM and Identity. Subsequently we will dive into the tie between Identity/Access/Privileges, the key role they play in a Zero Trust model and how certain aspects are quick wins for any Cyber program.


I currently have the honor of leading the Canadian team here at BeyondTrust and have been with the organization for the last 6 years. Previously, I have been in the Security space for over 20 years now and have brought 5 vendors into the Canadian marketplace. Passionate about Cyber and (real) Football…don’t get me started on Italy missing the World Cup…again.