December 8th, 2023 meeting

DATE:December 8th, 2023
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
TOPIC:The New Frontier: Integrating Traditional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, People Investigations, with Modern Cyber Security Technology
PRESENTER: Dale Jackaman


In the realm of security and surveillance, the integration of Traditional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) with modern cyber security technologies marks a significant evolution. This presentation explores how the meticulous practices of TSCM, traditionally focused on physical surveillance detection, are now being enhanced by the advancements in digital forensics and cyber security. This blend is not just an addition of new tools; it represents a fundamental shift in our approach to counter surveillance, encompassing both the physical and digital domains.

We will delve into how this integration is crucial in the context of people investigations. The digital transformation has introduced complex cyber threats that require a more holistic approach to surveillance detection. By combining traditional TSCM techniques with cutting-edge cyber security measures, such as network security tools and AI-driven analytics, we can more effectively identify and mitigate a broader range of threat actors.


Mr. Jackaman is a distinguished professional with a diverse and extensive background. As a licensed private investigator and security consultant, he specialises in internal cyber security investigations, civil and criminal investigations, digital forensics, and technical surveillance countermeasures. His proficiency in this field is not just about uncovering electronic eavesdropping devices but also encompasses the intricate skill of identifying and apprehending spies. His expertise further extends to conducting undercover operations, performing suspect and witness interviews, and fulfilling high-level corporate roles, including a significant tenure as the Director of Information Systems at BC Research at UBC.

His educational foundation in digital forensics is robust, grounded in the BCIT Forensic Sciences Program, where he specialised in the Computer Crime Option. Mr. Jackaman also has a longstanding involvement in radio communications and electronics, holding an advanced amateur experimental radio license since 1973. His early career includes dedicated service in the Canadian Armed Forces Signals Corps from 1978 to 1983, where he completed three active tours of duty in the Middle East.

Since 2005, Mr. Jackaman has been at the helm of Amuleta Computer Security Inc., a company that specialises in high-tech criminal and civil investigations. This role highlights his commitment to using advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, for enhancing security and investigative capabilities.