November 4th, 2022 meeting & AGM

DATE:November 4th, 2022
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
TOPIC:Advanced Persistent Cybercrime
PRESENTER: Derek Manky
The AGM was delayed from September to November.


We are seeing a shift on the threat landscape where cybercrime, including ransomware, is becoming more destructive and targeted towards high valued assets and services. Nation state attacks that target critical infrastructure, government and healthcare are now having an impact across the entire attack surface including businesses’ IT networks. This is the result of the converging threat landscape, where nation state threat actors are working jointly with cybercriminal enterprise, hitting IT and OT networks in tandem. Businesses that were not concerned of being a target from sophisticated APT attacks in the past, are now impacted. Similarly the public sector is further impacted by the larger threat of cybercrime. This elevated game from the adversary has raised the level of risk to organizations to a high watermark never seen before. FortiGuard Labs observed an increase of nearly 100% in 1H 2022 of ransomware variants, driven by the Ransom-as-a-Service (RaaS) model and a growing cybercriminal workforce.


Derek Manky plays a strategic and visionary role in consulting with leading CSOs/CISOs of Fortune 500 companies worldwide across multiple industries, bringing with him over twenty years of cyber security experience. He leads FortiGuard Labs’ Global Threat Intelligence Team. Mr. Manky has established frameworks in the security industry including responsible vulnerability disclosure, which has exercised the responsible handling of over 1000 zero day vulnerabilities. Manky has been with the Cyber Threat Alliance since it was founded in May 2014 and sits on the steering committee. He has helped to build collaborative platforms in the cyber security industry for over 15 years. Manky collaborates with global forums and expert groups alongside leading political figures, key policy stakeholders and law enforcement, including the World Economic Forum C4C, NATO NICP, INTERPOL, and His vision is applied to help shape the future of proactive cyber security, with the ultimate goal to make a positive impact towards the global war on cybercrime.