June 10th, 2022 meeting

DATE:June 10th, 2022
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
RSVP Required – register at Zoom
TOPIC:Value Assurance: A Novel Approach to Information Security Programs in Organizations
PRESENTER: Sabino Marquez


The evolution of Information Security from a technical sub-discipline of IT to a strategic enabler of stakeholder value continues unabated. Join Sabino as he discusses innovations in Information Security management and outlines a novel program that places InfoSec squarely “in the business” where it can directly influence the value conversation. Value Assurance is a management strategy which reframes the Information Security function as a strategic investment that enables the Revenue and Go-to-Market strategies and can drive higher valuations at equity events. By aligning the assurance mandate to value and communicating assurance wins in revenue terms, assurance leaders can lead from behind to help accelerate revenue velocity, enable market differentiation, materially increase stakeholder trust, and ultimately help to boost valuation.


Sabino is an experienced assurance leader who empowers organizations through the strategic governance of their Information Security and Value Assurance programs. A natural entrepreneur and storyteller, Sabino brings over 20 years of experience in the B2B SaaS and Retail Banking sectors to help organizations create and defend ultimate value for their stakeholders. You can learn more about Sabino and his approach to leading the assurance practice here and here.