July 10th, 2020 Meeting

DATE:July 10th, 2020
TIME:2:00pm to 4:00pm (PST)
VENUE:Zoom Online meeting
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TOPIC(S):The business of measuring security
PRESENTER(S):  Gary Hinson


Although quantifying things is an essential part of rational management, measuring is particularly challenging in the arcane field of information risk and security. Gary will be sharing his Hinson tips on selecting security metrics that work, both for infosec pros like us and for the businesses we serve. Pull up a chair and put your brain in gear. Audience participation is not merely permitted: it’s encouraged.


Gary Hinson lives at the end of the world, not only down under in New Zealand, but so far off the beaten track that nobody can find him. (Talk about security by obscurity.) Despite this, he advises international companies on information risk and security matters, providing excellent policies, awareness materials and strategies. He is a long-time active member of the CISSPforum, a Certified Usual Suspect. He has a long-abiding interest in the ISO27k standards, running the ISO27k Forum supporting 4,000 fellow ISO addicts. He has written the book (well, a book, anyway) on security metrics which is very pragmatic. (All will become clear during the session.) (Well OK, maybe not all but he’ll do his best)

RSVP Required – register at Zoom