Promoting security awareness and development.

These are the security-related events in Vancouver and Seattle that we're aware of for the rest of this year.  (Please let us know if we've missed any.)  You might want to check out right away those of interest to you so that you don't miss any deadlines.

Vancouver & BC



iTech IT Infrastructure Conference & Tradeshow Vancouver 2016



SecSIG will have a booth. Free registration until Oct. 1

Cyber Security Awareness Month 2016



11th Annual Victoria EPICC Seminar



Professional Investigation Conference, Victoria

2016-10-21 & 22


EPICC Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Conference, Vancouver

2016-11-07 to 10


Security Day, Victoria - with simulcast to Vancouver



2017 BC AWARE event, Vancouver

2017-01-30 & 31

SecSIG will be involved

18th Annual Privacy and Security Conference, Victoria

2017-02-08 to 10

Early bird deadline 2016-12-16

CanSecWest Vancouver

2017-03-15 to 17





Seattle & WA



SANS Seattle 2016 (training)

2016-10-03 to 08


SOURCE Seattle

2016-10-10 & 11


SecureWorld Seattle, Bellevue

2016-11-09 to 10


Tech-Security Strategies Conference Seattle 2016



This entry was posted on September 24, 2016