Promoting security awareness and development.

The current executive has worked over the summer to nominate executives for next year's executive for the Vancouver Security Special Interest Group and the (ISC)² Vancouver Chapter.  Below is the list of nominees for the new shared executive for the SecSIG and (ISC)² Chapter.  If uncontested at the September 12, 2014 AGM, the nominees in the list below will be acclaimed as the new executive.

Of course, anyone who is not on list is of course is welcome to attend the AGM and put their name forward for election ((ISC)² Vancouver Chapter Bylaws section 24).

Vancouver SecSIG and (ISC)² Chapter
Position / Exec Group



Chester Wisniewski


Ian Naumenko (also (ISC)² Chapter Secretary)

Past Presidents

Orvin Lau (will remain (ISC)² Chapter President until Chester Wisniewski has CISSP)
Rob Slade


Jake King
Scott Lukasek
Ruan Müller
George Pajari
Joshua Wilkie
Chester Wisniewski
Bonnie Wong

Website Development

Dean Guzman
Orvin Lau
Scott Lukasek
Ruan Müller


Carolyn Bateman
Don Gurski
Ron Johnson (also (ISC)² Chapter Membership Chair)
Tina Yeo

Event Planning

Carolyn Bateman
Stan Engelbrecht
Scott Lukasek
Lloyd Jura
Hardeep Mehrotara

Event Organization

Carolyn Bateman
Stan Engelbrecht
Ryan Liu
Ian Naumenko
Ashley O'Neill
Benjamin Wan
Ron Johnson

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