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October 14, 2016 meeting

Fri, Oct. 14, 2016 2:00pm — 4:00pm

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October 14 2016


2:00pm to 4:00pm (PDT)


KPMG - KCampus (4th floor)

777 Dunsmuir Street, V7Y1K3, Vancouver B.C.

Please be punctual for entry to the meeting room

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Gentle Introduction to Quantum Cryptography and Computing for Laymen by Layman


Peter Man, MSc, CISSP, CISA



Quantum physics is the key technology for enabling the semiconductor industry and IT revolution today. However, we are getting closer to the limit of Moore’s law and we have not yet exploited the full benefit of quantum physics in securing communication. The next revolution will definitely be leveraging advanced quantum phenomena such as quantum superposition, entanglement, etc. Peter will discuss how these phenomena can be utilized to build quantum computer for cracking RSA/ECC/DH algorithms and the use for quantum cryptography that is built on the fundamental law of physics. No assumption of quantum physics is required.


Peter is CISSP/CISA certified with a Master's degree (Honours) in Computer Science from the University of Wollongong, Australia. He has worked in the IT Security industry since 1997 in a different capacity as a developer, QA engineer, consultant, etc. in various organizations including Hydro, retail chain, and government, and is currently working for WorkSafeBC as an IT Security Architect.

RSVP Required – register at Eventbrite