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Security SIG Discussion List

Did you know the Security SIG has an e-mail discussion list? Join the discussion on a variety of topics in this closed mailing list open to all SIG members. The list is hosted on Yahoo Groups at:

This group is open. You may join at the web site or by sending an email message to:


Vendor and Product Discussion Initiative

"Did you catch that big name speaker who was here in Vancouver last month?" Each of you likely receives a variety of material from vendors or some of you may want to market to the SIG members. Up to now the monthly SIG meetings have not focused on vendor products in order to avoid "sales pitch" meetings. Vendors want quality leads, while companies want access to experts on products.

The Security SIG has a new initiative underway to provide greater access for both vendors and purchasers while maintaining the current SIG meeting format. We have created a mailing list for the local infosec community where anyone who is registered can forward ideas for product pitches or other presentations. If an idea sounds like it has sufficient interest, the list moderator will collect names or poll the number of interested parties. The moderator will contact the vendor and give them a sense of what the interest level is like. The moderator will also pass on any requests such as having a senior technical expert attend or present. It will be up to the vendor to make arrangements such as venue, travel, etc.

If you would like to sign up for this list, please visit: or send an email to:


Mentorship Program

For discussion of the mentorship program, this mailing list is also one of the major contacts points for mentees wishing to find a mentor, and mentors making themselves available to mentees.

For those interested, send email to: in order to join. Or check out in order to read the archive of messages.